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New Self-Storage Development includes 43,784 sq ft acres of site development, (grading, underground utility installation, storm water system installation, parking, driveways, fire hydrants, and fire department connections). A new 1,500 sq ft single story leasing office, and 7 story self-storage building totaling 110,663 sq ft.

Project consists of re-purposing existing first floor office space within a 2 story building with a single floor climate control self storage facility.

New approximately 150,000 sf of ground up 3 story self storage building. 10x10 grid Structural steel system with TPO roof, insulated metal panel on exterior skin for floors 2 and 3 and CMU veneer on First floor. Includes all MEP buildout, 2 elevators, and roll up doors and corridors. Sitework includes underground storm detention, and associated utilities and 6" pavement profile (2 lifts)....

Fort Myers, phase II and III addition. Includes the addition of approximately 72,500 gross square feet of single story metal buildings (bldg 5-14). Minor site work included the extension of the fire line, the rework of the control structure at the new previously graded pond, and additional landscaping to complete what was originality shown on the landscaping drawings for phase I, II, and III...

Construction of a new 3 story self storage in downtown L.A., with basement facility with a retail rental office and all relevant site-work including a trash enclosure per city standards.

Construction of one 110,000 sq ft, three story self storage building.

New 4 level storage facility in Lakewood, CO.
Basement and three stories above.

Designed and built this 80,000 sq ft single story self storage facility.

New Self-Storage Development including 4.6 Acres of site development, (Grading, Site Utilities and Asphalt Paving). A new 1,050 Sq. Ft. Single Story Leasing office and 5-Single Story Self-Storage Buildings, 2-Two Story Buildings with each building totaling 27,400 Sq. Ft., complete interior and MEP build out.


The project consists of a three-story steel frame and masonry bearing wall structure with brick and fiber cement board exterior finish and EIFS accents and trim. Roof is mechanically attached TPO roofing assembly sloped 1/4" per foot. The building shall be used as a moderate hazard storage facility. Site ammennities include parking and landscaping.

Construction of a new 90,000 Sq. Ft. 2-Story Self Storage Building including Site Development and Interior Build-Out.

StoreRight project consists of facility comprising approximately 86,000 gross sq. ft of interior storage units, one office, plus 33 covered parking stalls for outdoor storage (with overhead lighting, 120V electrical available for each parking stall).

Project consists of New Construction of 86,500 Gross Square footage of Self Storage Buildings on approx. 9 acres. Project includes Site Development and the Vertical construction including the leasing office T.I. There are a total of 5 Building Structures. Building includes a combination of EIFS Finish exterior walls, metal panels inside the property, exterior roll up doors, and Interior roll...

Conversion of a 50,000 sq ft KMart building into a 100,000 gross sq ft Self Storage Facility. Project includes interior demolition, new foundation, a Mezzanine system, new elevators, roof repairs, facade enhancements, new MEP distributions, unit partitions and roll up doors, and a new Leasing office.

Curley Road Self Storage

Construction of 100,000+ sf storage consisting of one three story building, multiple single story buildings and 10,000 sf of covered RV parking

Two 2 Story Self Storage Buildings, One 2 Story Self Storage Building on first floor with Apartment on top floor.

Gateway Ground Up consists of a new 65,800 SF tilt up warehouse facility and the surrounding site improvements. The site work includes substantial site grading and infill prior to placing storm water structures and a new retention pond. Over 400 new parking stalls and full landscaping complete the site infrastructure work. The building is a dock-high, tilt-up structure with 30’ interior...


Design and built this 70,000 sq ft single story self storage including 40 RV parking stalls.

This project is located three blocks from the Marlins MLB stadium in Miami and consists of five full stories of self-storage. Structurally, it is a mixture of concrete masonry units and structural steel. Architecturally, it features high percentages of glazing and other prominent features on the exterior envelope.

PB Brown's in-house team is using the latest advancements in BIM...

A complete demolition to its shell, this 100,000 sq ft building received interior renovations and a glamorous facade.

Mystic Cove Self Storage

Construction of 90,000 sq ft multi story and single story self storage facility.


Acid stain
Meteor crater

Main Street Self Storage, Auburndale Fl. 12,000 of Epoxy in all hallways and corridors.

Sea Life Aquarium
Custom Vinyl chip epoxy system with custom made graphics.

Top Shelf Self Storage, Panama City Beach. Project included 18,000 sq/ft of epoxy in all hallways and corridors.

3,000 SQ Epoxy Warehouse